The All Father created the Val-Eahrakun (Eternals) in the void. The most powerful of these are Corthain, Thorax, and Mordius. Most of the Val-Eahrakun have faded or hidden themselves or

been bound by the Judgment of Corthain


The Val-Austlich (Spirits) are creatures and magics forged from creation at the hands of the Val-Eahrakun. The more famous ones are: Durendel, Ogoltay, the Rune Lords, Aenouth, Athria, Burasil, Ore-Tsar, Glorianna, Grotvedt, Imbrisius, Umus Gregaria, Wulfad, Amenexl, Angrim, Krateus, Adrius & Zernius, and Rhealth. These deities concern themselves with the state of the universe and Aihrde. Many of these are active in the shaping of the world and directly act on the history of the world. All races worship the greater deities. They grow strong or weak depending upon who and what worship them.


These immortals are gods such as Agrol, Aristobulus, Augustus, Daladon, Dolgan, Falkenjagger, Nuluk-kiz-din, St. Luther, and Utumno. These deities range from powerful heroes to lesser gods. These beings roam Aihrde and directly impact people and other beings in their cities and strongholds.