CAPITAL: Merdieal


RULER: King Louis

POPULACE: Human, gnomes, halfling, some elves

As with Anglamay to the northeast and Kayomar to the west, Maine rebelled against the Empire after the Council won its first victories. At the battle of Redhill in 1024md, Lord Pius, an Imperial General, established firm control over Maine, the Lechunfield and Rotois. In 1028md, Pius gained the recognition of Palatine King, St. Luther of Kayomar, and crowned himself King of Maine. This peculiar incident led some to believe that the Kings of Maine owe their crown and homage to the Kings in Kayomar. Pius, though personally cruel, ruled benevolently. His descendants followed suit.

Despite numerous border wars with the dwarves of Norgorad– Kam, her northern neighbors, and Kayomar, Maine flourishes. It attracts merchants, adventures and mercenaries. The Kings of Maine are not adverse to rewarding loyal service with patents of nobility and land. The country is well known for its fine grape, and taverns selling all manner of wines dot the country. The wine trade is Maine’s greatest commercial asset. The western borders are always torn with strife as the Gelderland is a land filled with brigands and orcs. Many a would–be adventurer and mercenary finds his daily bread in that country.