• BARTIGTOT: The Deadbeards, Dwarven order of soldiers who fought at Olensk.vTheir losses were so great that the survivors shaved their chins. Only veterans and their sons become Bartigtot.
  • CONFESSOR KNIGHTS: Band of Paladins who serve St. Luther.
  • COVENANT OF THE LION: Paladins and cavaliers in Angouleme.
  • THE CULT OF THE SWORD: A fighters guild.
  • HOLY DEFENDERS OF THE FLAME: Paladins who serve the Holy Flame, (see Kayomar).
  • KNIGHTS OF HAVEN: Knights who guide and protect pilgrims of Demeter (see Demeter).
  • STAR WATCHERS: A loose order, these rangers wander Airhde, pay homage to the star, Patrice.
  • WATCHERS IN THE WOOD: A ranger order dedicated to the Great Oak.
  • LETNERS: Military Order in New Aenochia devoted to the Empress


  • THE ASYLUM: Thief/assassin guild active in Avignon.
  • CRNA RUK (THE BLACK HAND): Assassin/Priests of Unklar. Spread throughout the lands.
  • MUDDLES INC: Thief guild in Freeport.
  • RATS DEN: Thief guild in the United Kingdom.


  • ORDER OF THE OAK: The servants of the Great Oak in the Eldwood, aligned with Watchers of the Wood.
  • KNIGHTS OF WIZARDRY: A new guild in New Aenoch, dedicated to the study of magic.
  • LOTHIAN CLERICS: Clerics commited to the worship of Daladon Lothian and serve to aid the under-privledged.
  • MYSTIC ENCLAVE: A guild founded by Aristobolus the White Mage in 694md.
  • PATHS OF UMBRA: Those evil wizard priests who follow the teachings of Nulak-Kiz-din and yearn for the return of Unklar.
  • WHITE ORDER: Refounded. Magi-scholars who seek the truth and history of the world.

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